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Our  Story

It all started as a simple vacation to Miami and the love and passion of the both European and American Cultures. Founders, Ioannis Sotiropolous and Efthymios Paliouras’s love for the American culture started since their child-hood. They learned to love the United states by watching American movies and documentaries. Growing up in Athens, Greece a city that is known for its love of socializing over good food, great coffee and beautiful cafes, they saw an opportunity to bring that love and culture to the American people. With their background as highly successful club owners and restaurateurs' in Greece, they decided to make Miami the first destination of their new vision.


Meet the Partners 


Ioannis “Yiannis” Sotiropoulos & Efthymios “Makis” Palioura, co-founders of Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar and SP Hospitality Group, came together to make their mark in the Miami Food & Beverage and lifestyle scene with their many staple locations. Yiannis Sotiropoulos and Makis Paliouras are the masterminds that make up the vision of Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar and SP Hospitality Group. Originally from Greece, Sotiropoulos and Paliouras began their careers in 1998 as owners and operators of several cafes, bars and restaurants in Athens, Greece. 

In 2007, the two began expanding their experience to owning and operating concert halls and the top nightclubs in several Greek cities including Athens, Mykonos, Kolonaki and more. After establishing their reputation in Greece as the top hospitality experts in the scene, Yiannis and Makis moved to Miami to continue their legacy. Together, SP Hospitality has all the tools necessary to provide Miami with prime locations to eat, drink and have a night out full of experiences. Often trendsetters in their industry three concepts Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar, Copper 29 and Calle 23 hitting the Miami market, SP Hospitality is taking over the scene one location at a time. 


Ioannis "Yiannis" Sotiropoulous 



Efthymios "Makis"


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